Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome to Darchei Binah Seminary Information on the Internet!

This is the first and opening post on the all new!

The idea is quite simple - to help anyone who is currently a student at Darchei Binah, or an alumnus, a potential student, or parent of any of these get info on Darchei Binah and the many facets of the seminary. Darchei Binah has an amazing site ( but there are other sister sites, as well as a whole lot of information put up by other people across the internet, so I thought it would be wise to have a central place to list and categorize everything. That would be this blog!
(Yes, this site will also be useful for anyone who is not directly connected to the seminary, as I plan to host Divrei Torah from Darchei Binah here, so anyone and everyone will be able to benefit from the Torah of Darchei Binah.)

Feel free to mail me ( anything you would like to appear on this blog - if it is connected to Darchei Binah or Torah, I will try and post it!

Looking forward to lots of posts, readers, and your input!